Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good and Bad

Printing and Prophecy will be my first book. I've undertaken other lengthy projects (an overgrown master's thesis and my dissertation), but this is my first published book. All my contact with the press has been by post and e-mail with people I've never met in real life, so at times it's hard to entirely shake the feeling that I've been hooked by an elaborate hoax. But behold: I just discovered that Printing and Prophecy now appears on the University of Michigan Press web site, as a book in the Cultures of Knowledge in the Early Modern World series. My book is real!

* * *

I can't log on to ILLiad, and no one here knows why, so I'm cut off from interlibrary loan. I'm like a junkie who can't get his fix. Listen, people, either you let me order articles from obscure journals soon, or I'm going to start making a scene right in the middle of the quad.

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