Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Research links you need to know about VI: my other favorite digitalization projects

While I was working on Printing and Prophecy, I found several additional useful collections of digitized manuscripts and early printed books. Some are large and growing (the HAB Wolfenbüttel and and have a place on my list of RSS feeds, while others are smaller but well-indexed collections that reward an exhaustive search. My favorites include:

  • The Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel. Their focus is on the 17th century, and lately they've focused on funeral orations and academic disputations, but their online catalog turned up many important sources.
  • The history of science and astronomy, as well as Swiss printers, are both points of emphasis of this newer project, which resulted in a relatively high number of interesting sources so far.
  • Lutherhalle Wittenberg. It's currently offline for unknown reasons. Hopefully they're reworking the awkward interface and will be back online soon.
  • Utrecht pamphlets. The digital offerings of Utrecht University are actually much broader, but the pamphlet collection turned up a few unique sources for me.
  • Klassik Stiftung Weimar/HAAB. A small but easily searchable collection.
  • Johannes a Lasco Biblithek Emden. I think I only found one relevant source here, but a different project would find many more.

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