Friday, March 16, 2012

Separated at birth II

As I've been checking the works of practica authors in VD16/17, I've come across a few more authors that appear to be the same person recorded under different names, just like Nikolaus Weise/Wyse, Lukas von Köln/Cöllen, and Werner/Berner Hartmann. New candidates for having one entry too many in the Personennamendatei include the following.

Unless there were two student astrologers in Ansbach in the late sixteenth century whose names differed by only one letter, a misprinted title page appears to have led to a dual entry:
  • Georg Kaeslinus - PND 129822523. Author of VD16 K 9 (Practica Auff das 1596. Jahr ... Gestellet durch Georgium Kaeslinum Onolsbacheneium studiosum Philosophiae et Mathematicae). Frankfurt/Main: Johann Kollitz, 1596.
  • Georg Kreslin - PND 120811375. Seventeen entries in VD16/17, including VD16 ZV 18224 (Bergk Practica oder Prognosticon ... Durch Georgium Kreslinum Onolspachensem, Studiosum Astronomiae). Nürnberg: Valentin Fuhrmann, 1597.

Treating umlauted vowels differently, and the VD16/17 divide, lead to another pair:

  • Sebastian Köstner - PND 119735253. Author of VD16 ZV 22595 (Prognosticon astrologicum ... durch Sebastian Köstner von Waldenfels inn Francken). Nürnberg: Valentin Fuhrmann, 1599.
  • Sebastian Koestner - PND PND 124834248. Author of VD17 23:287276V (Prognosticon Astrologicum ... Durch Sebastian Cöstner von Waldenfels inn Francken). Nürnberg: Fuhrman, [1604].

Even Strasbourg isn't big enough for two astrologers named Onuphrius. Yet another VD16/17 pair:

  • Onuphrius Callus - PND 119635410. Two entries in VD16, including VD16 ZV 22587 (Prognosticum astrologicum ... durch M. Onofrium Callum Theologastrosophum). Straßburg: Anton Bertram, 1599.
  • Onofrius Callus - PND 120774364. Author of VD17 3:655331B (Prognosticum Astrologicum ... durch M. Onofrium Callum, Argentinensem). Straßburg : Bertram, [1607].

Umlauts and the VD16/17 divide team up to create three astrologers named Josias Müller active in Parchim in Mecklenburg in the late sixteenth/early seventeenth centuries:

  • Müller, Josias - PND 119763966. Two entries in VD16, including VD16 ZV 22590 (Practica ... Durch D. Iosiam Mullerum Astronomum et Medicum zu Pergim / im Fürstenstenthumb Mechelburg residerende). Nürnberg: Alexander Philipp Dietrich, Johann Lauer, 1598.
  • Mueller, Josias - PND 119768852. Author of VD16 ZV 22598 (Practica ... D. Iosiam Mullerum Astronomum et medicum zu Pergim / in Fürstenstenthumb Melchelnburg residerende). Nürnberg: Abraham Wagenmann, Johann Lauer, 1600.
  • Müller, Josias - PND 12925035X. Two entries in VD17, including VD17 12:651957A (Practica ... Durch D Iosiam Mullerum Astronomum et Medicum zu Pergim). Nürnberg : Lauer, Wagenmann, [1605].

And, finally, Paul and Paulus Engricensis, both astrologers from Gräfenhainichen:

  • Paul Engricensis - PND 119663627. Three entries in VD16, including VD16 ZV 5042 (Prognosticon ... Durch Paulum Engricensem, Vom Gräffenhänichen /Astronomum). Eisleben: Urban Gaubisch, 1597.
  • Paulus Engricensis - PND 12034467X. Author of VD17 12:640731Y (Prognosticon ... Durch Paulum Engricensem vom Gräffenhenichen/ Astronomum). Eisleben: Hörnigk, [1601].

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