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Johannes Virdung online (updated)

Update  6 December 2013: Several new editions of Virdung's works have recently come online, particularly from the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek and the Landesbibliothek Coburg, so I'm updating this post. I've also added a section for Virdung's works on apocalyptic themes, including his prognostication on a false prophet for 1503, on the Antichrist for 1525, and his 1512 invective against the Persian astrologer Lucas (actually a late appearance of the "Toledo Letter"; see Gerd Mentgen, Astrologie und Öffentlichkeit im Mittelater, 114-16). The Latin and German editions of 1512 have still not been digitized, but the work was included in Goldast's Politica imperialia of 1614, which is available.

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New online this week from dilibri, the digitalization portal for Rheinland-Pfalz, is Johannes Virdung's practica for 1534. My argument in Printing and Prophecy (and in expanded form in an upcoming AGB article) is that Virdung, even more than Wenzel Faber von Budweis, helped create the characteristic form of the German annual astrological prognostication that stayed quite stable for many decades. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has digitized quite a few of Virdung's Latin practicas of the 1490s, the crucial period for the genre's development, but few of the German practicas that are most important for driving the developement, and the later practicas are much more sparsely represented online. Only some of Virdung's numerous other works are available. At the moment, I find:

Almanacs and calendars
Almanach, 1492 [Latin]. ISTC iv00301000, GW M50705
Almanac for Heidelberg, 1498 [German]. ISTC iv00302000, GW M50711

Incunable practicas
Prognosticon 1491 [Latin].  ISTC iv00302055, GW M507162
Prognosticon 1491, for Leipzig [German]. ISTC iv00302050, GW M5072210
Prognosticon 1492, for Leipzig [Latin]. ISTC iv00302120, GW M50725
Prognosticon 1492 [Low German].  ISTC iv00302200, GW M50728
Prognosticon 1493, for Leipzig [Latin]. ISTC iv00302215, GW M50732
Prognosticon 1495 [Latin]. ISTC iv00302240, GW M50737
Prognosticon 1497 [Latin]. ISTC iv00302257, GW M50742
Prognosticon 1497 [German].  ISTC iv00302259, GW M50745
Prognosticon 1498 [Latin].  ISTC iv00302264, GW M50748
Prognosticon 1500 [German]. ISTC iv00302270, GW M50750

Postincunable practicas
Practica for 1511. VD16 ZV 15221
Practica for 1523. VD16 V 1280
Practica for 1526. VD16 V 1284

Practica for 1531. VD16 V 1290
Practica for 1534. VD16 V 1292
Practica for 1537. VD16 V 1294

Comet prognostications
Comet 1506. VD16 V 1259
Comet 1506. VD16 V 1260
Comet 1531. VD16 V 1255
Comet 1532. VD16 V 1254

Lunar signs 1514. VD16 V 1263
Lunar signs 1514VD16 V 1264
Eclipse prognostication 1513. VD16 V 1317
Eclipse prognostication 1519. VD16 V 1315
Nova medicinae methodus (1532). VD16 V 1267 
Nova medicinae methodus (1533). VD16 V 1268
De cognoscendis et medendis morbis ex corporum coelestium positione libri IV (Venice 1584).

Prognostication on the conjunctions of 1524
[Landshut: Johann Weißenburger], 1521 [Latin]. VD16 V 1303
Oppenheim: [Jakob Köbel, 1521]. VD16 V 1304
[Cracow: Vietor], 1522 [Latin].
Oppenheim: [Jakob Köbel, 1522]. VD16 V 1305
[Augsburg : Melchior Ramminger], 1523. With prognostication of Sebastian Ranßmar. VD16 V 1306/R 211
Oppenheim: [Jakob Köbel, 1523. VD16 V 1310
[Augsburg: Heinrich Steiner 1542]. VD16 V 1300
Strasbourg: Jakob Cammerlander, 1542. With "Hidden Prophecy" of Johann Carion. VD16 V 1301

as the Große Practica (with the Prognosticatio of Johannes Lichtenberger)

[N.p.: n.p.], 1543. VD16 L 1611

Apocalyptic works
Prognostication of a False Prophet on the Great Conjunction of 1504. VD16 V 1296
Invective against Lucas (VD16 V 1265), reprinted in Melchior Goldast, Politica imperialia... (VD17 1:018471V)
Prognostication on the Antichrist (1525). VD16 V 1302


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