Friday, November 30, 2012

Research links you need to know agout: ZVDD - DDB Grünpeck shootout

Via Der Spiegel comes the announcement of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, which looks like it aims to provide a comprehensive index of digitalized objects from German archives, museums, and libraries. But don't we already have something like that, at least for printed books, in the Zentrales Verzeichnis Digitalisierter Drucke? I have no idea if the DDB is already including ZVDD data. Let's see how the two compare on a search for "Grünpeck." There are several digital editions of some of Josef Grünpeck's works available, so he provides a reasonable test case of what we might expect from the DDB.

First, the raw numbers:
ZVDD: 47
DDB: 20

That isn't reassuring at first glance, but the ZVDB looks like it contains a lot of duplicates. Let's dig into the numbers a bit more.
Year Title ZVDD DDB Total known
1496 Cicero, Paradoxa stoicorum  (dedication) 1 1 1
1496 Tractatus de scorra 28 6 7
1503 Mentulagra 1 1 1
1507 Zeichenauslegung 2 2 2
1508 Speculum 8 4 4
1515 Ad principes 1 1 1
1522 Dialogus 1 1 1
1524 Endlicher Beschluss 1524 0 0 1
1532 Prognosticum 2 2 3
1721 Friedrich und Maximilian 1 1 1


1550 Egenolff compilation 1 0
1620 Egenolff compilation 1 1
47 20 22

There are actually only a few cases where ZVDD and DDB differ. The ZVDD knows about a 1787 edition of the Tractatus de scorra that the DDB doesn't list, and the ZVDD also includes a short work attributed to Grünpeck in one of Egenolff's prophetic compilations that the DDB doesn't include. That's not a huge improvement, however, as there are several additional facsimiles of other Egenolff editions beyond the ones known to ZVDD and DDB. On the other hand, the ZVDD has 4 redundant records for one edition of Grünpeck's Speculum, and 21 redundant records for various editions of the Tractatus de scorra, so that's one advantage that the DDB has. Finally, there are two missing facsimiles, one of the Prognosticum of 1532, and another of Grünpeck's Endlicher Beschluss concerning the conjunctions of 1524. For those, you'll need to refer to the Hungarian Electronic Library.


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