Friday, March 8, 2013

Alofresant online

I was planning to post on something else that looked interesting, but I was distracted by an online facsimile I hadn't seen yet of "Alofresant," a relatively popular prophecy (18 editions between 1519 and ca. 1540) that Jacques Halbronn suspected originated as propaganda in the disputed imperial election that eventually made Charles V the new Holy Roman Emperor. Curious if there were other facsimiles I had missed, I started looking and found several: of the 18 editions, eight that I know of are now available online. The list appears below.

The thing I was originally planning to post on turned out not to be interesting after all.

  1. Antwerp: Pierre Snoeps, 1519 (French; Halbronn, Le texte prophétique, 2:490). BSB facsimile
  2. Basel: Pamphilus Gengenbach, 1519 (Latin). VD16 A 1927. facsimile, BSB facsimile
  3. [Basel: n.p., 1519] (Latin). VD16 A 1926
  4. Munich: Hans Schobser, for Johann Haselberg, 1519 (German). VD16 A 1928. BSB facsimile
  5. [Cologne: Arnd von Aich, 1520] (German). VD16 A 1930
  6. Strasbourg: [Martin Flach, 1525] (German). VD16 A 1932
  7. Antwerp: Guillaume Vorsterman, [1528] (French; Jungmayr, “Alofresant von Rhodos,” 215)
  8. Antwerp: Guillaume Vorsterman, [1528] (Dutch; Jungmayr, “Alofresant von Rhodos,” 216)
  9. [Augsburg: Heinrich Steiner, 1530] (German). VD16 A 1929. Google Books facsimile
  10. [Dresden]:Wolfgang Stöckel, [1530] (German). VD16 A 1931
  11. [Nuremberg: Kunigunde Hergot or Georg Wachter, 1530] (German). VD16 A 1933. BSB facsimile
  12. Nuremberg: Georg Wachter, 1530 (German). VD16 A 1935
  13. [Speyer: Anastasius Nolt, 1530] (German). VD16 ZV 25574
  14. Antwerp: Ian von Ghelen, [1540] (Dutch; Jungmayr, “Alofresant von Rhodos,” 216). Google Books facsimile
Alofresant, expanded as the "Kaiserliche Practica"
  1. [n.p.: n.p., 1530] (German). VD16 A 1934. Google Books facsimile
  2. [n.p.: n.p.], 1530 (German). VD16 ZV 415
  3. [Strasbourg: Jakob Cammerlander], 1535 (German). VD16 A 1936
  4. [n.p.: n.p.], 1535 (German). VD16 ZV 416. Google Books facsimile
Secondary literature

  • Green, Jonathan. Printing and Prophecy: Prognostication and Media Change 1450-1550. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2012. 239 n. 56.
  • Halbronn, Jacques. Le texte prophétique en France: formation et fortune. Villeneuve-d’Ascq: Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 1999. 2:490-92.
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  • Veenstra, Jan. Magic and Divination at the Courts of Burgundy and France: Text and Context of Laurens Pignon’s Contre Les Devineurs (1411). Leiden: Brill, 1998. 357-71.

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