Friday, January 3, 2014

6240 digital editions from Regensburg in one day

On Tuesday, I checked the RSS feeds of newly digitized books from German libraries like I always do.

The BSB feed occasionally has high-output days with over a hundred new editions. But the count of new items ran into the hundreds and kept going.

RSS feeds sometimes have hiccups where dates reset - either on my end or on their end, I'm not sure - and I re-download everything they have available. Recently I've had a couple incidents of this, and ended up with over a thousand new messages, most of them dated to 1 January 1900 or similarly improbable dates. But the BSB count hit four digits and showed no signs of slowing down.

It didn't stop until it hit 6240 new items. I assumed I'd experienced another date hiccup, but the dates all looked recent and well-formed.

Since reading through the whole list wasn't possible, I searched through the titles and found several that sounded interesting. It looks like most of these 6000+ editions are new material from Regensburg libraries but were digitized in connection with and now appear in the catalog of the BSB. Several of the newly digitized works are not listed in VD16, including two practicas.

  • Johann Kandler. Practica Auff das Jar ... M.D.LXXXIII. Regensburg: Hans Burger, [1582]. (catalog entry, facsimile)
  • Winckler, Georg. Summarische Practic auff das Jar, M.D.LXXII. D. Georgij Wincklers, Würtenbergischen bestelten Medici zu Bietikheim. Nuremberg: Valentin Fuhrmann, [1571]. (catalog, facsimile)

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