Friday, February 10, 2012

Even more Zengg

I've updated the list of "Dietrich von Zengg" editions by adding Ain Practice / Oder Weyssagung ains gelerten mans mit namen Jeremias von Pariß... ([Straßburg: Johann Knobloch d.Ä. um 1525], VD16 J 231) whose text at first glance is that of the "Zengg" rather than the "462" version, as noted by Heike Talkenberger (Sintflut, 468).

Also, Courtney Kneupper's dissertation has now appeared on Proquest, and it looks excellent. Hopefully she'll find a publisher soon for the revised version. The dissertation focuses on prophecy in the formation of German national identity among the laity during the late Middle Ages, with extensive consideration of "Gamaleon," "Bruder Sigwalt," and "Auffahrt Abend." She also mentions an upcoming project on "Dietrich von Zengg," which I'd very much like to see. The bibliographic appendices on prophecies circulating in late medieval Germany look to be especially useful.

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  1. Why is it excellent if a recent work cites the Handschriftencensus in arbitrarily selection and for the Vienna manuscripts Tabulae instead of menhard (not to say I will update Wikisource with the new manuscripts but having only looked on the appendix on the manuscripts I cannot share your opinion.