Friday, February 24, 2012

Teaching materials: Homework for research links

For my course on medieval and early modern German literature and culture that I taught last fall, I wanted to introduce students to the research tools that I use frequently. The most experienced of the students were completing a minor at most, while for many students, this would be the only German literature or culture course they would ever take, so I wanted the assignments to be useful but approachable for undergraduates.

I've left the assignments (available here as a single zip file) as MS Word documents rather than turning them into PDFs because I'll need to make sure that nothing has changed when I next teach the course - the VD16 interface has been updated since I wrote the assignment for it, for example, and I didn't yet have access to the Nachträge volume of the Verfasserlexikon when I wrote the VL assignment. The assignments cover the following resources:
  • Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke and ISTC
  • VD16
  • Verfasserlexikon
  • Grimms Wörterbuch and the Wörterbuchnetz
  • MLA database, Regesta imperii, and WorldCat

Anyone who would like to use them is free to do so. For the last three assignments, I've also included answer keys. I'll probably have to revise the assignments a few more times before I'm completely happy with them.

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