Friday, February 22, 2013

Digital facsimile of the week: Augsburg UB Hss Cod.I.3.2.3

Earlier this week, the Augsburg UB released a facsimile of Hss Cod. I. 3. 2. 3 (formerly Oettingen-Wallersteinsche Bibliothek; Karin Schneider's description in the UB Augsburg catalog here). The facsimile of the entire manuscript is a 249 MB PDF file, but pages can also be downloaded as single PDF files. What caught my attention is that this facsimile adds to the short but growing list of digitalized manuscripts of the Sibyllenweissagung, about which the fundamental bibliography includes
  • Neske, Ingeborg. Die spätmittelalterliche deutsche Sibyllenweissagung: Untersuchung und Edition. Göppingen: Kümmerle, 1985.
  • Schanze, Frieder. “Wieder einmal das ‘Fragment vom Weltgericht’ - Bermerkungen und Materialien zur‘Sybillenweissagung’.” Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 75 (2000): 42–63.

Schanze provides a list of 44 Sibyllenweissagung manuscripts ( now lists 45), of which the Augsburg manuscript is #2. Taking a quick look, it appears that the list of online facsimiles now includes the following (using Schanze's numbering):

2. Augsburg UB Cod. I. 3. 2o 3 (link)
8. Dresden SLUB M 209 (link)
21. München BSB Cgm 746 (link)
23.  München BSB Cgm 5249/41 (link)

The Handschriftencensus records don't list any additional facsimiles, and the records for 2 and 21 above haven't yet been updated to reflect the availability of online images.

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